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Attorney Doug Goyen has been licensed as a lawyer in the State of Texas since 1997.  He graduated from Southern Methodist University School of Law in Dallas, Texas in 1997.  Prior to law school, Doug Goyen worked at GEICO as an adjuster from 1989 until 1997, handling injury claims from automobile accidents during that time.   Doug Goyen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas in 1994 with highest honors (Summa Cum Laude).

Dallas car crash lawyer Doug Goyen has worked on thousands of car crash injury cases. He has recovered millions of dollars in settlements and judgments.  Doug Goyen’s prior experience as an injury claims adjuster gives him unique insight into your case and how to present it to the insurers for the best possible outcome.

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Information regarding Dallas, Texas Car Crashes Involving Injuries: 

The most difficult thing about handling your auto accident claim is dealing with the insurance company.  They don’t make life easy.  You have several factors to deal with – your medical bills in the past, your medical bills in the future, your lost income, impairment issues, disfigurement issues, mental anguish, pain and suffering, possible loss of services, loss of a body part, loss of consortium, and all your property damage issues (body shop, total loss value, rental car, towing, etc.).  Finding the value for each of these elements is challenging, even for experienced lawyers.  Careful and close evaluation is needed to place a proper value on these claims.

You will need to report the accident both to your own auto insurance company and the other driver’s auto insurance company.  You may have health insurance, workers comp, Medicare, Medicaid, or some other insurance source involved.  Those insurance sources that pay anything related to your injury claim will want to get their money back out of any injury settlement.  If you don’t protect their interests, you could possibly find yourself at odds with your own health carrier you don’t need this hassle.  Additionally, you need to know which insurance company(s) to submit your claims to, what coverage for each insurance company you are supposed to use, and how to properly submit your claims.

If you were injured in an automobile accident, you need a Dallas car crash lawyer to handle your claim, to ensure you don’t mess up your claim, or mess up your coverage that you have with your different insurances.

What to do after an Accident: 


At the Scene:

1)  Call the police to write a report – insist that you need a report written.  Often they will try to say that they don’t come out for “your type accident”.  Don’t accept that as an answer – insist they come to the scene to write a report.  They are required by law to report all injury accidents to the State of Texas, and therefore are required to make reports when one occurs.

2)  Get names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone – all drivers, all passengers, and all witnesses.

3)  Get all insurance information, on all vehicles, and all drivers (if the driver is different than the owner – they may have a separate insurance policy).

4)  Call an ambulance if there is an injury.

5)  Take photographs of anything related to fault or damages (most cell phones have cameras – use it).  If you are injured and unable to take photos, get someone you know to the scene ASAP to take pictures.  Take pictures of the vehicles and their locations in relation to each other.  Take photos of the damage to the vehicles (all the vehicles – not just your own).  Take photos of skidmarks, debris, and anything else that shows where the vehicles were when the collision took place (people often change their story after the leave the scene of the accident.  They may seem like they are taking responsibility while at the scene, but by the time they get home, they often change their tune).  Take photos of the people involved – I can’t tell you how many times people have denied being a driver in a car, or even denied being at the scene of an accident.  If you have a photo of them at the scene, this heads off this type of dishonesty.   Take photos of insurance documents, drivers licenses, any documentation that is handed to you.  This way there is no error in transcription or dictation of the names, numbers, or addresses.

Medical Care After a Collision:


If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you need to see a medical provider (doctor, hospital, chiropractor, other medical facility), regarding your injury.  People who have been injured in an automobile accident often feel like the following are reasons why they do not feel like they can or should seek medical care:

I Don’t Have the Money or Insurance to Pay for Medical Care / Letters of Protection:

This is often the case.  Someone has a serious injury, but simply cannot afford the care they need to help them heal.  Emergency rooms will only see you if it is an emergency – bleeding, life threatening, etc.  If you have a torn rotator cuff, or torn ligament in your knee, etc., you will not get the care or surgery you need to repair it at the emergency room.  Without some type of resource to pay for the treatment you need, you will end up living the rest of your life crippled by an injury that can be fixed easily if you only had a way to pay for it.  Many people work and earn more than allows them to qualify for free medical care, but don’t make enough money to both pay for health insurance, or enough to get the medical care needed for their injury.

                If you cannot afford to pay for your medical care up front, often your Dallas car crash lawyer, or personal injury lawyer, can negotiate with a medical facility and make an agreement with the medical facility to postpone collections on your medical treatment until after you have completed negotiations and/or litigation of your case.  This agreement is called a Letter of Protection, and is often the only way many people can obtain the medical care they need in an automobile accident.

Hoping it will go away:

Often, I get cases from people who have been injured in an automobile accident who go for many weeks, even months, without seeing a doctor, because they were using over-the-counter medications to deal with the pain, and were hoping the injury would just resolve on its own.  Sometimes this works, but I don’t hear from those people.  Those people don’t need lawyer – it went away.  The people I hear from are the ones where their injury never did get better, so they finally go in to the doctor weeks or months later – after dealing with the pain on their own the whole time.  The doctor runs tests and finds out that the injury they have may need surgery to repair.

**The problem this delay in treatment and diagnosis causes is that now you have given the automobile insurance company an argument to use in attempting to deny your claim.  The adjuster will almost always say:

“How do we know this injury was caused in our collision? You took so long to see a doctor, for all we know you injured yourself working out, working in your yard, playing with your kids, in some other accident, or in some other way, and are now trying to blame your injury on this accident.”

This is a strong argument that your delay in seeking treatment from your injury has caused.  Now you will have a much harder time having your bills paid by the insurance company that should be paying for your bills.

Don’t delay.  If you are injured, get in to see a medical provider, if for nothing else than to document the fact that you have the symptoms you are noticing.  If the pain doesn’t go away, go back in to your doctor to see what can be done.  Do not wait multiple weeks or months to do this.  The bigger the gap you have in documenting your injury, the bigger the problem will be in relating your injury to the automobile accident.

Health Insurance Won’t Pay:

This is not true. Often people “think” their health insurance won’t pay for the claim because it involved an automobile accident.  This is NOT the case.  You have paid for your health insurance.  You have a contract with them to pay your medical bills.  They are obligated by contract to pay what is covered.   What happens is that when we are notified that a health insurer has paid part of the medical bills, we negotiate with, confirm what is related, and pay the health insurance company back out of any settlement or verdict that may be obtained from your case.

So don’t delay getting treatment because you don’t think your health insurance will cover injuries from an automobile accident.  This is not the case.  Your health insurance will pay.  They will then be reimbursed any legally or contractually owed – reasonable amounts they have paid that are related to your auto accident.

My Doctor Won’t see me:

Often, doctors will have signs in their offices that they don’t see patients for Workers Comp injuries, or for Automobile Accident injuries.  The reason is that many doctors do not want to be called as a witness in a lawsuit (some cases don’t settle, and lawsuits have to be filed).  If a doctor is called as a witness for a person they treated, this takes them away from their office, and away from seeing patients.  Many doctors refuse to see patients involved in Workers Comp or Auto Accidents for just these reasons.

                If your doctor is one of these who refuse, then find another doctor on your health insurance list to see.  Have them refer you to a specialist on your health insurers list who WILL see you.  Many doctors WILL see patients who are involved in Workers Comp and/or Auto Accidents.  If your personal doctor won’t, then do some research and find one who will.  There are as many who will, as those who won’t – so it should not take too much effort to find one.

Insurance for Auto Accidents:


There are several types of insurance coverage used for automobile accidents.  Automobile insurance coverage typically needed to be considered in an automobile injury case are:  Automobile Liability Insurance, Uninsured Motorist Insurance, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Medpay Insurance, Property Damage & Collision Coverages for Your Auto


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