Homeowner’s Policy Form A, B & a CGL policy

Sometimes we need to look at a policy to see exactly what it covers.  These are examples of Homeowners policies both A & B forms, and a CGL (commercial general liability) form.  Be aware, all insurance policies are not equal.  There may be different language, different exclusions or amendments, or other parts of the policy that may make one policy different from the examples below.  These are general guides of what these policies usually look like.

Homeowners Form A example

Homeowners Form B example

CGL Policy Example of coverages

Additionally – information on Homeowners policies can be seen here at the Texas Department of Insurance.

The Office of Public Insurance Counsel (OPIC), has a “comparison” tool for homeowners that is kind of nifty too:  ( Homeowners Comparison Tool).

OPIC also has a comparison tool for auto policies:  (Auto Comparison Tool).

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